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What is a Snuglin?

Snuglin is a soft cushion producing a constant flow of warm air through its surface. As well as warming the body extremely effectively, it has a fleece handwarmer pocket for an extra boost of warmth when you need it.

Why is Snuglin so great?

Snuglin is unlike any other type of heater, although it works in a very familiar way.

If the room is a little chilly, perhaps when the central heating has switched off for the evening, people will often turn on the gas fire or use an electric fan heater. These can be very expensive to run, and often succeed in only heating the air close to the ceiling long before the chilly person on the sofa sees any benefit.


Because of the way it works, it uses very little energy to keep you warm. In fact, it uses so little energy that it costs less than 1p per hour to run. Compare the running costs of a Snuglin with other types of heater.

You could fill a hot water bottle from the kettle (careful not to scald yourself), and cuddle that for a while. It will be too hot for you at first, gradually getting colder until you have to get up and do it all again. Or you could pop a wheat bag in the microwave. Lovely, but only for the 10 minutes that it stays warm.

The big disadvantage that hot water bottles and wheat bags both have is that the heat is applied in a very specific place. To warm up a part of your body, that part has to be touching the hot water bottle or wheat bag. They heat by conduction, so you get a hot patch on your lap but your hands might still be freezing.


Snuglin is different. With its constant, gentle flow of warm air it heats up the entire person. If you need a little bit extra, you even can put your hands inside it. 

Cold feet in bed? Stick your Snuglin at the end of your bed for the most deliciously warm feet, all night long. Unlike an electric blanket which just warms up the bits of you that are touching the bed, Snuglin warms the air inside the bed, creating a lovely pocket of warmth just where you need it!

Cuddling up on the sofa under a blanket? Stick your Snuglin under the blanket as well for the ultimate in warmth and cosiness.

How can I use a Snuglin?

You can also use the heater without the cushion if you like. This is great for warming your fingers when using a computer keyboard, for example.

In bed, on the sofa, at your desk...anywhere you like!

There is also a car connector in the range too.

Is it safe?

Yes! As with all electrical appliances, the heater module should not be allowed to get wet. However, if you are unlucky enough to spill your tea on it the low voltage means that it is completely safe. 

The heater has a built-in fuse and overheat protection.

Unlike other heaters, Snuglin has been designed from the outset to be used with clothes and blankets. If the air inlet is restricted, the unit cannot overheat - the special heater element automatically regulates its own temperature, which means that it can't burn out or melt like a normal fan heater.

The Snuglin power cable has a pull-away connector to make sure that there is no trip hazard. For example, if the cable is given a sharp tug, the connector will just pull away without causing any damage. Just plug it back in again when you are ready!

Some people with sensitive skin may develop certain skin conditions such as erythema ab igne when they are exposed to heat sources such as car heaters, electric blankets, heating pads, hot water bottles, and heaters. Symptoms may include irritation or discoloration of the skin. Some people may have nerve conditions that reduce their ability to feel direct heat. Snuglin is not recommended for use by or in close proximity to persons with these kinds of sensitive skin or nerve conditions.


Can I wash it?

The cushion part is machine-washable at 30 degrees. Just remember to remove the heater unit first!

How do I remove the heater?

The heater requires a firm push to release it. It's far easier to show you rather than describe it - have a look at this video:

What about maintenance?

The heater has a small filter element to prevent dust from collecting inside. The only maintenance that your Snuglin requires is to give the filter a clean occasionally.

What's included?

As well as the Snuglin cushion in your chosen fabric, each unit is supplied complete with:
  • Snuglin heater unit
  • UK mains cable
  • 12V power supply
  • Air filter
The instructions for use are very simple, and are printed on the outer packaging strip. You can also view them here.


What is Snuglin?

Snuglin is a cosy heated cushion that creates a gentle flow of heated air to keep you warm.
It heats up quickly and has a fleece lined hand warmer pocket to add extra warmth to your hands.
Using a low voltage power supply, it's perfectly safe and it costs less than 1p per hour to run - safe, affordable warmth for everyone.

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