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Snuglin is a British product made by Snuglin Ltd, based in beautiful Northumberland, where it gets very cold in winter. The company is owned by Barry Hextall and Dr Tony Trapp.  Tony invented the Snuglin and is well known locally for his success with offshore and subsea engineering companies SMD and IHC Engineering Business, and currently with OSBIT Power Ltd.
Tony has been nurturing the Snuglin heated cushion concept since the 1970's, so understandably, he's a keen enthusiast, and our top product tester. "Snuglin makes a real difference to people's lives" says Tony. "It offers affordable warmth and very significant cost savings on domestic heating bills. Recent winters have been extremely cold, and we know many people are vulnerable. Snuglin is vital in preventing winter cold problems. Even in summer the nights can be chilly, and nobody wants to turn the heating on then. Home workers, students, those with sedentary lifestyles, and of course the elderly, are all potential users of the Snuglin cushion."
At Snuglin, we believe that staying warm should be possible for everyone, whatever the time of year. Our vision is for a future with warmer, happier, healthier people. There are proven health risks associated with living in cold, damp homes, which is why we are seeking partnerships with healthcare and fuel poverty organisations to make sure Snuglin gets to those who need it most – those living in fuel poverty, and the very elderly. We are dedicated to creating comfort and warmth for people who suffer from cold.
Our products make use of safe, tried and tested technologies in innovative ways and we use only the highest quality materials in the manufacture of our products. We're always working to make things better, and we welcome feedback, so if you have something to tell us, please go to the "Contact us" page. We'd love to hear from you!

What is Snuglin?

Snuglin is a cosy heated cushion that creates a gentle flow of heated air to keep you warm.
It heats up quickly and has a fleece lined hand warmer pocket to add extra warmth to your hands.
Using a low voltage power supply, it's perfectly safe and it costs less than 1p per hour to run - safe, affordable warmth for everyone.

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