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I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with my purchase of two Snuglins. One was for my daughter who works from home and often feels chilly sitting at her computer all day. She cannot sing its praises too highly. The second was purchased for a dear relative who is very unwell and feels the cold keenly. Both recipients use their Snuglin every day. It keeps them comfortably and consistently warm. It is very light so is not a burden on their lap and is so quiet in use, no one realises it is working except for the warmth it gives out. I heard about the splendid invention on Radio 2. Well done for having the confidence to put it into production, I am sure you will have great success with this splendid comforter and I will spread the word whenever the opportunity arises. I will buy one for myself if and when the need arises.

Kind Regards,

V. Thornton

What is Snuglin?

Snuglin is a cosy heated cushion that creates a gentle flow of heated air to keep you warm.
It heats up quickly and has a fleece lined hand warmer pocket to add extra warmth to your hands.
Using a low voltage power supply, it's perfectly safe and it costs less than 1p per hour to run - safe, affordable warmth for everyone.

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