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Did you know that you don't always have to use your Snuglin heater with the cushion?

I often find that my fingers become very cold when I am typing on the computer, even though the rest of me is comfortably warm.

That's when I use my Snuglin in a different way! I take the heater out of the cushion and just sit it on my desk next to the keyboard. It blows a stream of lovely warm air over my fingers, keeping them comfortable for as long as I need. 

I used to end up sitting on my hands to warm my fingers, or hugging a cup of tea when I should be finishing off that article. Not any more!

What is Snuglin?

Snuglin is a cosy heated cushion that creates a gentle flow of heated air to keep you warm.
It heats up quickly and has a fleece lined hand warmer pocket to add extra warmth to your hands.
Using a low voltage power supply, it's perfectly safe and it costs less than 1p per hour to run - safe, affordable warmth for everyone.

See how it works

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