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Best present ever

This is probably the best present I have ever bought my mother and you can quote me if you like!
Tim Patrick

The hot water bottle substitute

We bought a Snuglin for my mother-in-law, just over a year ago, as she's elderly and always feels cold.  She absolutely loves it. It keeps her warm and is much safer than filling hot water bottles (which is what she used to do). 

Welcome cold visitors with a Snuglin

I keep a Snuglin plugged in by my kitchen table so that whenever I am sitting and reading the newspaper I remain cosy all winter.  But having the Snuglin handy also means that when friends visit and complain of being cold, I hand it over to them to experience the Snuglin effect. 

How pleased I am with Snuglin


I just wanted to write and tell you how pleased I am with my purchase of two Snuglins. One was for my daughter who works from home and often feels chilly sitting at her computer all day. She cannot sing its praises too highly. The second was purchased for a dear relative who is very unwell and feels the cold keenly. Both recipients use their Snuglin every day. It keeps them comfortably and consistently warm. It is very light so is not a burden on their lap and is so quiet in use, no one realises it is working except for the warmth it gives out. I heard about the splendid invention on Radio 2. Well done for having the confidence to put it into production, I am sure you will have great success with this splendid comforter and I will spread the word whenever the opportunity arises. I will buy one for myself if and when the need arises.

Kind Regards,

V. Thornton

The New Face of Snuglin!

A sporty student from the North East has been selected as the face of a new product aimed at keeping the old and young alike warm in winter.

Samantha Jones, 21, is in her second year at Teesside University studying a sports and exercise coaching science degree.

But in her spare time Samantha, who comes from Bishop Middleham, near Sedgefield, has become the face of Snuglin.

The product is a heated cushion that runs on electricity but only costs 1p an hour to run.

It was invented by engineer Dr Tony Trapp, who is best known in the North East for building three businesses involved in the offshore and subsea sectors.

He was driven to develop Snuglin after seeing the plight of elderly people who struggle to heat their homes due to rising energy costs.

A range of designs has been created to appeal to others including students, the disabled, people working from a home office and anyone who sits for long periods either at work or doing hobbies.

Samantha said she predicted that lots of students would be putting a Snuglin on their Christmas list.

“Being cold makes it easy to get distracted when you are studying,” she said.

“I always seem to have cold hands so the Snuglin is great for me when I’m catching up on my reading, then when I take my hands out to type they’re lovely and warm.

“At only a penny an hour to run it’s great for keeping heating costs down, especially on a student budget, which leaves that little bit extra for the all important student socialising.”

Samantha added: “I love the different designs, especially the zebra print.

“My mum really likes the polka dots and my grandma would love the leopard ponyskin. Even my 92-year-old great grandma thinks they look great.

“When you’re a pensioner, keeping warm is so important and at a penny an hour she wouldn’t have to worry about the cost.

“With winter drawing in it’s lovely to have something as cosy and comforting as the Snuglin to cuddle up with on a cold night.”

My typing fingers are cold no more...

Did you know that you don't always have to use your Snuglin heater with the cushion?

I often find that my fingers become very cold when I am typing on the computer, even though the rest of me is comfortably warm.

That's when I use my Snuglin in a different way! I take the heater out of the cushion and just sit it on my desk next to the keyboard. It blows a stream of lovely warm air over my fingers, keeping them comfortable for as long as I need. 

I used to end up sitting on my hands to warm my fingers, or hugging a cup of tea when I should be finishing off that article. Not any more!

Warmth eases my aches and pains


Jennifer has rheumatoid arthritis. "It's particularly bad in my hands" she says, "and I feel it worse in winter, even when I'm indoors."

Jennifer finds that her Snuglin, with its built in super-warm pocket, really keeps her hands warm when she relaxes in the evening to watch TV.

"It's different from any of the other hand heaters I've tried" she says. "The hot air doesn't just warm your hands, it finds its way into your clothes and creates a constant warmth that spreads through your body. It doesn't cool down, just keeps on going, and it feels wonderful. I love my Snuglin, and I wouldn't be without it!"

Warming up after fresh air and gardening

Andy lives close by our Northumberland office.

He's often seen working in his garden, so we asked him to try Snuglin when he wants to warm up. "This is really good" says Andy.

"I would normally have a hot bath after a hard day's work in the garden but now I sit down with a hot cup of tea and my Snuglin and the aches and pains quickly disappear."


Keeping warm in your student flat.


ED has just completed his MSc in Renewable Energy. "I work full time during the day" he explains "so I had to do most of my studying in the evenings, and my flat is always freezing".

We asked Ed to test a Snuglin and he found it really helped.

"Snuglin is brilliant" he says. "I'm concerned about climate change and Snuglin helps me reduce my energy use

Working from home can be chilly!

Catherine works from home.

"It's going very well" she says "but I must admit, I hadn't really thought about heating the house all day while I was working. As my job is pretty sedentary, I tend to get cold, even in the summer, but I didn't want to put the heating on all day, especially as I'm just using a small bedroom as my office.

I find that, using my Snuglin, I can leave the heating switched off for most of the day, so heating is one business expense I don't need to worry about."

What is Snuglin?

Snuglin is a cosy heated cushion that creates a gentle flow of heated air to keep you warm.
It heats up quickly and has a fleece lined hand warmer pocket to add extra warmth to your hands.
Using a low voltage power supply, it's perfectly safe and it costs less than 1p per hour to run - safe, affordable warmth for everyone.

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